Boozy Brunch

Boozy Brunch

Chilaquiles Arbol Chile Roasted Tomato Salsa Bacon Queso Fresco Eggs   16

Traditional Breakfast Eggs any style bacon and N.M. Potatoes 15

Grilled Salmon Salad local Mixed Greens vinaigrette 18

Chicken and Waffles Spicy Buttermilk Chicken Pecan brown sugar butter   21

Poached Eggs Green chile Queso and Crab on a crumpet    22

Surf and Turf Discada All the meats under the sun sautéed with onion and tomato Avocado            Cream and Tortillas                                            21

Huevo Rancheros chefs take on a classic with black beans, jalapeno tomatillo salsa 16

Eggs Florentine with roasted tomatoes spinach and mushrooms with Basil Foam 18

Eggs Royale smoked salmon with Old Bay hollandaise 18

Mexican Eggs Benedict with Chorizo and spicy Hollandaise 18

Breakfast Burrito Eggs Bacon Potatoes Tomatillo salsa 16

French Onion Soup               10                                                                                           Sides

Oyster Mushroom Soup                10                                                           New Mexico Breakfast Potatoes   5

Thick Cut Bacon   5

 Two Eggs Any Style  6


Crepe Cake    11

Chocolate cake    11

Carrot cake     11


Murder Hornet Brown sugar Bourbon Five Farms Irish Cream Candied Bacon   10

Miss Bee Haven’ Teller Blueberry Vodka Black Berry Giffard Thyme Mint infusion Apple juice  16

Uptown Girls Your choice Mimosa: Orange Cranberry or Peach   8

Bloody Flora House made Bloody mix with Titos vodka Tajin    10